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Very important advice

The reason for the long processing time of the free requests

Due to the large number of free requests sent to us daily, the processing of free requests takes about two weeks, so if you want your request to be pumped and processed sooner, you can use paid requests.

Important warning about Trustpilot!

Never rely on TrustScore and star rating to trust a website. Webmasters can easily flag and remove negative reviews if they have a business account in Trustpilot. They can also have invitation links to submit reviews to direct their users to Trustpilot from within their websites to submit mandatory positive reviews. In addition, they can create unrealistic positive reviews and feedback by creating fake accounts. Therefore, note that the reviews and scores there can not be considered as evaluation criteria.

How to search correctly in the list

To search in the table, just enter the website name and do not enter the http://www protocol. If a website is not listed in the list above, it does not mean that it is legit, as it may not have been checked by us yet. Therefore, if the website you want was not in the list, you can send a request to check it through the form in this page.

Listed statuses in the list

Dear users, we recommend that you do not register or invest in any of the websites listed in the list above. Also, note that there is no difference between the statuses announced in the list. And the nature and purpose of all of them is ultimately fraud and profiteering from users. Therefore, the classification of statuses is done only because of the knowledge of the behavior of websites. For example, if you have invested in a HYIP website and that website may pay you a profit, this cannot confirm its credibility, Because in return for the interest paid to you, interest payments to older investors are stopped and their capital is paid as interest to new investors to deceive them into investing more. Therefore, the status of this type of website has been announced in the list as a Ponzi website to know that the payment of interest is done according to the Ponzi scheme and the profits received are always less than the amount invested. For repetition and clarity, and to avoid scams, we recommend that you do not register or invest in the websites listed.

Facts & Questions

Why should you check the credibility of a company or website before joining and investing?

Because the internet business market is a risky market for investment due to the lack of centralized cyber surveillance, you can not trust every website you visit. Because the monitoring gaps and the impossibility of following up on internet violations have provided a very suitable environment for fraudsters. They can easily attract and steal people assets by setting up a website and giving false promises to people. And when they raise a lot of money, they close the website and start a new website project again for another scam. On the other hand, due to the existence of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and the lack of sufficient awareness of people about this new phenomenon, the number of websites launched in web with the aim of fraud has increased a lot more than in the past. Therefore, in order not to fall into the trap of internet scammers, we strongly recommend that before investing in these types of websites, you first make sure of their authenticity through our specialized investigate and checks.

Can I check the credibility of a website on my own?

Yes, normally anyone can check a website for credibility, but of course this will be superficial by non-experts, And cybercriminals can easily deceive their users and gain people's trust to register and invest in their website. Therefore, checking the credibility of websites requires high expertise and experience in this field and we can easily handle.

What is the advantage of using the websites validation request service?

The most important and main advantage of this service is to prevent possible scams and not to fall into the trap of profiteers and internet fraudsters. Using this service helps you to know the validity of a website before joining and investing.

How do you check the credibility of websites?

The structure of our investigate & checks is a set of expertise and experience. we with our expertise and knowledge in the field of digital currencies, online commerce and internet businesses, we know very well how true the plans and promises presented on the websites are. In addition, checking thousands of websites during our activity has provided us with very valuable experiences, and these experiences help us to quickly and easily identify fraudulent methods available on the Internet.

What websites can we submit for check?

The websites we check are websites that are more or less relevant to the scope and subject matter of our website. For example: Forex broker websites, ICOs, exchanges, DEX, NFTs, HYIP, cloud mining, PTC, Survey, Faucet, investment, wallets, trading, betting, digital payment and the like.

Is it possible to trust the opinions of friends and other users who have withdrawn money from a website?

It is true that one of the signs of identifying a reputable website is seeing the feedback of their users, but to determine the credibility of a website, more things need to be considered. Because the purpose of a scammer is not to steal from one or a small number of users or investors, but to scam on a larger scale. Therefore, paying income or interest to users can in many cases be a deceptive move to build trust and persuade more users to invest. Then, at a certain time when more money is accumulated on their website, they commit fraud and dissolve the site. There are even websites that, with deceptive and seemingly credible strategies, attract investors for several years and eventually run away with very large sums of money. Therefore, the possibility of withdrawing money or paying interest and also seeing the positive feedback of a website is only 15 to 20% of the criteria for measuring its credibility, and this is not enough to trust a website at all.

Can I submit request a investigate & check of a website that has already been checked?

For websites that have already been checked and listed in the top table, the request is not accepted, but for the websites that are considered valid and legit after scrutiny, you can apply again at certain intervals (for example, each month). Because sometimes there are valid websites that have become suspicious after several months or even years of credible activity and have become fraudulent websites.

Is status reporting on other monitoring websites (such as trustpilot!) trustworthy?

We do not deny the status announced by other monitoring websites. But there is a difference between the method of declaring the status in them and the method of declaring the status by us, which is done through specialized checks. In most monitoring websites, only users feedback is considered, for example, if a website has 30 feedbacks, 20 of which are positive, they will declare that website valid, While a fraudulent website can create a lot of fake accounts and send a lot of positive feedback in the comments section of other websites and thus deceive users. There are also many scam websites that in order to be able to access all of their features you have to post comments and positive feedback about them on other websites. In general, announcing the status of a website requires a thorough and specialized check of all related items that are done by us.

After submit the request, how and when will I be notified of the result?

After sending the request and according to the volume of requests sent by users, it takes approximately two weeks for us to be able to process them, Of course if you want your request to be processed faster, you can choose paid requests. The fastest result announcement is for VIP request that is done in 12 hours. Sometimes, checking a website can take a bit of time. Whilst we try our best at making things snappy,  we have to check many factors and contact certain third parties, some of which may be in foreign countries. Providing an accurate status and this can take time. At the end, the result of the investigate & check will be sent to your email, and in addition, you can see the result of the check by referring to the same page and clicking on the order tracking button.

I have been scammed, what should I do now?

Please contact the company by which you paid (Paypal, Adyen, Ingenico, etc.) and explain that you have been scammed by an untrustworthy site and ask them to refund the amount you paid. You may be able to get help and advice from your bank if needed on what to do. If you paid via credit card - call your bank and ask to start the "chargeback process" as you have been the subject of fraud.

Also, leave a review on https://legitorscam.site/scammers/ about that website, this way you will help others not to get scammed too!

Legitorscam's service helped me, where can I leave a review?

We are really glad to hear that! You can leave a comment for us on Instagram, Facebook and other our social pages. Thank you!

If you consider a site legit - does that mean I'm completely safe from problems?

Not! , Announcing the status of websites is a guide. We do our best to do a accurate investigation and checks, but you should also know that companies can still change their ways, go out of business, or use techniques to pretend or hide their true identities. We can not definitively declare the status of a website legal.

What do I do if the website I check is reported as scam / ponzi / doubtful?

The final decision is with you! We review sites based on various criteria and details. But we strongly recommend that you stay away from the websites we have listed.

I am the owner of a website and I do not agree with my Status, how do I report this?

If you have the feeling we have not given your website the right Status  and/or that certain user reviews submitted on our website are incorrect, please feel free to contact us.

I want to report a fraudulent website

We're always sorry to hear that you have been scammed by a website. If you want to report the website, please visit to the report page and fill out and submit the relevant form. You can also put your opinion on the scammers page. This way you can prevent others from getting scammed too!

Do you have a question that is not in the FAQ?

Do not worry..! Please visit our contact page and fill out our contact form so that our experts can answer all your questions as soon as possible.